Orioles Willing to Trade Jim Johnson

Posted on November 27, 2013 by Ethan Felderstein

Photo Credit: BaltimoreSun.com

Early Wednesday morning, ESPN's Buster Olney sparked a debated among Orioles fans when he reported that the Orioles would be willing to listen to offers for closer Jim Johnson. 

The Orioles' reasoning behind any possible move involving Johnson would be the fact that he is due $10 million when he hits arbitration in 2014. Dan Duquette would love to avoid that high cost, but would the return(s) on the trade equal Johnson's value?

As all Orioles fans know, Jim Johnson struggled in 2013, going 3-8 with 9 blown saves. Yet, he has been crucial to the Orioles' success in 2012 and 2013. His 51 saves in 2012 and 50 saves in 2013 both led the American League. His 101 saves over the past 2 years will, of course, draw some interest to the 30-year old relief pitcher, but the Orioles should be wary of any offers. 

It's obvious that the Orioles don't want to pay Johnson his upcoming paycheck, yet they should be cautious to ship him off. Any offer that the Orioles get for Johnson will be way too low. They won't get a top of the line starter, they won't get a valuable designated hitter, they won't even get a relief pitcher that comes close to the value that he gives to the team. 

Even though he struggled last season, Johnson brings a lot of experience and talent to the Orioles' bullpen. Unless they receive an offer that blows them away, the Orioles should stay put in dealing Jim Johnson. 

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