Q&A with prospect LHP Tim Berry

Posted on December 11, 2013 by Dillon Atkinson

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Earlier this offseason, the Orioles added a few minor league ball players to the 40-man roster, protecting them from the Rule-5 Draft.  One of those players was Baltimore's seventh best ranked prospect, Tim Berry.  Berry was drafted out of the 50th round in the 2009 draft, but don't let that fool you.  The tall southpaw has been proving scouts wrong, and showing that he should have been picked earlier.  He may not have a tag on him as a top two starter, but he can earn himself a spot in the category of a "Solid Pitcher" if he keeps progressing.

A few days ago, I had the chance to sit down with the 22-year old lefty for a little "Q&A" session.  Check out his responses:

Dillon Atkinson: "What was the experience like for you to be in the Arizona Fall League with a good select number of other talented O's prospects?"

Tim Berry: "Best baseball experience I've had thus far. Being surrounded by so many good players makes you better. It was an invaluable learning period.  So much fun."

DA: "Did you have the chance to talk to Jonathan Schoop or Henry Urrutia to get an idea of the MLB experience before you get called up?

TB: "Yes, talked extensively with both of them. Played with Schoop since rookie ball so it was awesome seeing him get called up. They told me to continue to play my game and I'll be just fine. Nice to be around those type of guys for 6 weeks. That's what the fall league is all about."

DA: "Looking through your stats through the past few years, your strikeouts and K/BB ratio have improved every year. Are you starting to find a certain go-to pitch when you're ahead in the count, or is your repertoire balanced and improving as a whole?"

TB: "Definitely the latter. Everything has improved. The most important is the fastball. My ability to command the fastball in and out allows me to control at bats. Mix that with a change up and it becomes very tough to hit. A lot to still improve on. My curve has more potential than any other pitch but I haven't honed it in enough yet. It will come. Important to remember that it's a process."

DA: "Do you have any personal goals for yourself in the 2014 season? Like a number of innings pitched, improved mechanics, promotion, etc."

TB: "None of the above. Only goal is to trust myself more when I'm out there. The more I TRY to improve my mechanics etc. the harder it becomes every time I pick up a ball I want to focus on the glove and let it fly. Amazing at what can happen when you fully trust and let go."

DA: "Last question for fun. Who is/was your favorite MLB Player(past or present) to watch and why?"

TB: "Always been Jeter. There are a lot of guys I love to watch play the game but jeter has been my fav since I was a kid. He plays hard and plays to win. Does everything the right way because that's who he is. Lot of respect for him."

DA: "Jeter may be the only rival player O's fans will let you get away with. Haha! Again Tim, thanks for taking the time to do this.  Have a great offseason and great 2014 season!"

TB: "No prob at all...Happy Holidays!"

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