Orioles interested in free agent Kendrys Morales

Posted on January 02, 2014 by John Wilkes

Photo Credit: Drew Sellers, Sportspress Northwest

According to MASN.com Roch Kubatko the Orioles are interested in free agent desginated hitter/first baseman Kendrys Morales. Here is what Kubatko had to say about the Orioles and Morales:

What's the market for Morales? The Orioles have expressed interest and the Mets have been linked to him. ESPN's Buster Olney suggested that Morales "might theoretically be a fit" for the Pirates, but only on a team-friendly deal.

Agent Scott Boras isn't big on team-friendly deals.

Perhaps Morales should have taken the $14.1 million qualifying offer from the Mariners, though Boras is more inclined to have his clients turn it down. Clubs worry about his defense at first base and are hesitant to surrender a first-round pick.

The Orioles don't care about his glove and are more willing to surrender that pick than previous years, though it's still a difficult decision in the warehouse. A little aggression could go a long way. The competition for Morales doesn't appear to be fierce.

I'm totally on board with a Morales signing. Here's why:

The Numbers

Morales is a lifetime .280 hitter who has a 162 games average of: .280, 27 HR, and 90 RBI. He has an average slash line of .280/.333/.480.  Not to mention every year the switch hitting Morales has played at least 125 games he's hit at least 26 doubles and 22 home runs. 

A Dominant 3-4-5

He’ll bring a solid bat to the middle of the line-up and could offer protection for Davis (or Jones). A 3-4-5 that consists of Jones, Davis, and Morales could arguably be the best 3-4-5 in the majors. Not to mention it would give the Orioles a R-L-R set-up that Buck loves so much in the heart of the order

No Longer an Injury Concern

There shouldn’t be any injury concerns with Morales who has played in 290 games in the last two years since  fracturing his leg.The leg fracture cost him most of 2010 and all of 2011.


The Morales could also serve as a mentor for Henry Urrutia as they both hail from the island of Cuba. I know this one is a little bit of stretch but it's just one more little thing that tips the odds in Morales favor.

What about his defense?

Not much of an issue. Davis played 95% (155 of 162 games) at first. I’m sure Morales will be fine for the 6-7 games in which he fills in for Davis.  

Overall, Morales would be a solid signing for the Orioles and could save what has been a miserable offseason so ft

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