AJ Burnett: I'll Pass

Posted on January 29, 2014 by John Wilkes

Is AJ Burnett the answer to the Orioles pitching woes?

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So the reports are the Orioles will go "hard" after AJ Burnett. The  comes on the heels of the 15 year veteran saying he’d pitch in 2014 and would hear offers from other teams outside the Pittsburgh Pirates, where he spent the last two years. With that news comes the inevitable question: Would you want AJ Burnett on the Baltimore Orioles in 2014? It seems as the majority of Birdland is in favor of this. Well I’m not.

One Year of AJ Burnett: If Burnett signs it’s going to be for one year. What does one year of AJ Burnett give you? Is he going to put this team over the top? What's AJ Burnett worth 1-2 extra wins?Is that really going to make up the gap in talent? 

You could you use the excuse he’s a stop gap until 2015. You know when Bundy and Gausman are dominating the top of the rotation. Because there is no chance these guys don't produce for the Orioles. Young stud pitchers always pan out here.  

So I ask the question why do you need a stop gap? Just let 2014 play itself out at this point. It’s almost February and all you have to show for this offseason is Ryan Webb and David Lough. You’ve essentially punted this offseason. At this point just full on commit to it.

Save The Money: The Orioles have some big contracts (Chris Davis, Matt Wieters, JJ Hardy) they are going to have to pay out in the next few years. Why waste precious resources (i.e. cash) now on AJ Burnett, who won’t make a difference this year. Save the money. You’re going to need it.

Physical: He’d probably fail the physical anyways. 

Note: If AJ Burnett signs here, is above average, and leads this team to the playoffs feel free to throw this article in my face. Like actually print it out come to my house and throw in my face. 

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