"Davis has to be in a different uniform"

Posted on February 02, 2014 by John Wilkes

Photo Credit: Jae C. Hong/Associated Press

Jim Duquette was on MLB radio and  the topic of Chris Davis came up. Needless to say his comments serve as a stark reality that I think all Orioles fans know are coming. It's going to be tough to keep Wieters, Hardy, Davis, Markakis, and Machado while still paying Adam Jones. At least one (if not more) of these guys won't be with the Orioles in the next few years. Because of cost ,and what the Orioles could get in return, it appears as Davis could be the odd man out. So the question is: Do you trade Davis now and try to get value for him? Duquette seems to think so

You can listen to the segment here: Well I guess all we can do is enjoy 2014 and hope for the best...

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